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Dear subscribers,

our video librarys are moving. The videos of q.tv praxis and q.tv patient can be found at
In most cases you can log in there directly with your e-mail address and your current password. Otherwise we ask you to register again. Thank you very much.

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The following information and instructions will be helpful for resolving queries or problems.

Bandwidth (DSL)

Browser and Media Player:

Displaying the videos:
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   to watch the video.'

Videos does not play smoothly
Videos are not displayed

Access for Online-user
   of QuiS

Internet access

Internet access

Please note that a broadband internet access (e.g. DSL) is required which is not a part of our offer. If you are online with ISDN or Modem, then your bandwidth is not enough to capture the films, as there are too long waiting periods for transferring the data volume.

Bandwidth (DSL)

We recommend a DSL-access with minimum 2000 Kbit (2Mbit) per second to receive films in good quality.

Browser and Media Player


Our video library supports all current browsers. Use browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari to view the films. These are pre-installed on almost all Windows-PCs and Macintosh-Computers.

If you are a customer of T-Online, do not use the T-Online-Browser. Use one of the above mentioned Browsers after establishing an internet connection.

Firefox is offered free of charge by Mozilla. You can download the latest version of the software here:

  Download Firefox

Internet Explorer is offered free of charge by Microsoft. You can download the latest version of the software here:

  Download Internet Explorer

Flash Player

We are usually streaming videos with HTML-5 technology. In case your browser needs to display the videos using the Flash Player please install the free plugin (Version 10 and above).

Flash Player is offered free of charge by Adobe. You can download the latest version of the software here:

  Download Flash Player


If you are using a tablet computer like the iPad without Flash, you can view the videos in most cases with the integrated HTML-5-Player. You do not need to install this player since it is integrated. The HTML-5-Player works with the iPad (Apple) and many Android-based tablet computers.

Displaying the videos

Message 'You must be logged in to watch the video.'

The film-trailers and some videos are freely accessible. You must log in first with your username and password for all other films.

If you are already logged in and still receive the message, "You must be logged in to watch the video", you may have deactivated the cookies in your Browser. Cookies must be activated for using the Quintessenz.tv-Platform.

In order to activate Cookies in Internet Explorer, open the "Internet-options" in the "Control panel" or in the menu "Extras" of Internet Explorer. Select "Data security" and activate the Cookies.

In order to activate Cookies in Firefox, open "Settings" in the menu "Extras". In the Tab "Data security", activate the control box "Allow Cookies".

Films do not play smoothly

If a film does not play smoothly, is “shaky” or interrupted, this could be due to the bandwidth of the internet connection.

Select the optimum bandwidth at the beginning. It is saved, and at each log-in it is reset to the value entered at your previous log-in.

If there are any fluctuations in the network connection and the films do not play smoothly, select a lower bandwidth to resolve the problem:
  - Click below the player on "select bandwidth"
  - Select a lower bandwidth from the list
  - Click the "" button
The film will restart with the selected bandwidth.

Films are not displayed

You are able to log in, but the films are not displayed?

In these cases, there is probably a software-problem on your computer.
The following tips can help you to resolve this problem:

  1. Broadband-Internet access
    Ensure that you have a Broadband-Internet access and the connection is active. In Windows, you can often recognize this by a small network symbol on the right hand side below in the task list. Otherwise, search the network symbol on the desktop or in the control panel. Click on the symbol, so that a dialog box opens for the network connection. Here, you can check the bandwidth of your connection.
  2. Login
    Ensure that you are logged in. You can recognize this by checking that the Button "Login" has not become Button "Logout". Demo-Films and Films in "Product forum" are freely accessible, for all other films you have to be logged in.
  3. Internet Browser
    Ensure that you use one of the following browsers:
    - Internet Explorer version 6 or above
    - Firefox version 3 or above
    - Safari
    A re-installation could help. For this, all installations should be reset to the standard values. Javascript and Cookies must be activated.
  4. Flash Player
    Ensure that you set up a Flash Player Version 10 (or higher). A re-installation could help. For the reinstallation, the settings must be reset to the standard values.
  5. Hardware-acceleration
    On Windows-computers, it may help to reduce the Hardware-acceleration for the display equipment (Monitor). Open the “Display"-Option in Windows and select there the "Settings" and click the "Advanced" button. Under "Troubleshoot" you will find the option for hardware acceleration. Set this to a lower level with the scroll bar, restart the player, and check whether films are properly displayed.
  6. Graphic card driver
    If you use outdated drivers of your graphic card (e.g. of nVIDIA, ATI), the video display may be interrupted or prevented. Ask for an updated driver for the graphic card from the manufacturer, de-install the old driver and install the new one.
  7. Screen resolution
    Problems related to display can be resolved if you lower the screen resolution. Open the "Display" options of Windows in the control panel and select "Settings". In the area "Screen resolution", set the resolution to a lower level by using the scroll bar. Then restart the film.
  8. Monitor as primary display medium
    If you have several monitors or a graphic card with TV output for television sets, ensure that the monitor used by you is the primary display medium: Open under Windows the "Display"-Options in the control panel and select there "Settings". The control box "Use equipment as primary screen" should be activated for the monitor. In some systems, other settings can eventually lead to problems.

We hope that these tips and instructions are helpful. In case of difficulties, eventually, a reinstallation of the system could help. Take your service technician’s advice.



In order to watch the protected contents, register either with the help of the customer account number mentioned on the bill or using your activation code you received. Select your own username and a password to log in and watch the films.

You will find detailed information regarding registration here.

Access for online users of QuiS

If you already have access data (username/password) for our Online-Services, e.g. QuiS (Quintessence interactive School) or Online-Journals, please log in directly with your username and password. If necessary, add your customer number in the menu item "Customer Service" to get access to this service.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help you!